Wish I Knew at 22

There was an awesome challenge on LinkedIn this week in honor of #Internationalwomensday called


At 22, I was intensely creative, unfiltered, dragged along as if by the invisible strings of constant and passionate inspiration. My brain would wake me at all hours of the night with full poems or paragraphs that had to be scribbled down on paper before it would shut back down and allow me to sleep. My tall Eiffel Tower frame–fine architectural wonder of Amazon flesh I had the potential to be–was left willowy and weak from body image issues and the attendant eating disorders.

Dear 22-year-old Sibley:

There is no past. There is no future. You have only this present moment to create and to revel in your “one wild and precious life.”

You are not who they say you are—only you get to decide that.

Take humble pleasure in your talents and embrace and nurture your student mind for life.

If someone or something doesn’t seem quite right, trust your intuition and walk away.

And if someone tries to take credit for your ideas or your work, don’t walk away.

Question the motivation behind flattery.

Always pay your own way and have a plan B. Set boundaries and don’t be afraid to say “no.”

Learn to meditate and focus your mind. You are not your thoughts.

Sometimes you get more accomplished by slowing down and doing nothing than by working 18 hours straight.

Only invite people into your inner circle who can see your superpowers.

Love you, young woman, as fiercely as your grown, mature self loves you now.

And finally, get eight hours of sleep each night, ok? And eat something! You’re looking a little pale and thin.

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    BRAVO ! Yoga teacher !

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