Remembering Mary Lou and Celestine

For #internationalwomensday, I remember my grandmothers: Mary Lou Robson Fleming (historian and teacher) and Celestine Sibley (reporter and author). Both were independent, brilliant women who lived lives of grace and dignity. I am grateful to have grown up with such strong female role models.


I’ll add a couple of notes on each: Mary Lou was from Pensacola but graduated from Columbia University in NYC in the 1930s, had a photographic memory, was a lifelong art history student, genealogist, and high school English teacher. Celestine was a star reporter from the time she was 15 until she died at age 84, wrote dozens of books, and loved to sing Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy songs at the top of her lungs, despite the fact she sang a bit off-key. Neither knew how to make good biscuits.

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