Yoga on the Beach — Pensacola

The Gulf Island National Seashore, Pensacola Beach. The pose is humble warrior. Baddha Virabhadrasana. The temp was hovering between 50 and 60 and the water was frigid.

Yoga on the beach is different from yoga in a quiet protected space on an even surface. The first thing you come to understand is that against the vast expanse of ocean and empty beach and sky, you are quite small.



Half-moon. It’s a totally mental pose. Chandrasana. If I reached back to catch my skyward foot and made a sort of candy cane out of the pose, I would be doing Ardha Chandra Chapasana.

One thing about practicing balancing poses on the beach is you can play as much as you want and take chances and feel free to fall because the sand is soft. How many opportunities do you get to fall safely?


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