Yoga Meditation & Journaling Exercise

We think something between 12,000 to 60,000 or even 80,000 thoughts a day. So our minds are always very very busy coming up with stuff.

The purpose of this exercise is to see if we can get a snapshot or a thin slice of just a few of those thoughts.

Meditation Prompt/Intention: First Yama, Non-violence. One way I think of intentions is as seeds that can be planted and nurtured and grow. Intentions are also a lot like actively choosing habits.

MEDITATE:  If it’s comfortable for you, maybe close your eyes, relax and begin to breathe evenly, follow your breath in your belly, your throat or where the cool air enters your nostrils, and notice your thoughts. Watch your thoughts without judgment come and go like clouds in a clear blue sky. They are what they are—just thoughts of which we have thousands upon thousands every day. You may also notice thoughts that carry heavy emotions, try breathing slowly and deeply into your chest or the space you feel the emotion most in your body. Maybe your throat or your stomach. TIMED: 5 minutes.

JOURNAL: Maybe jot down some notes about the dominant thoughts, emotions, ideas that came up in your meditation. What thoughts did you see? Or you may choose to make a grocery list. Or nothing, which is also a valid choice. Let it come organically, whatever is on the tip of your tongue or tips of your fingertips. TIMED: 5 minutes


From Yogapedia:

Why do we journal our thoughts that arise during meditation?


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