Deepening Your Yoga Practice

classnotesMaking the decision and then clearing my schedule to begin my 200-hour yoga teacher training didn’t happen overnight. I asked questions. Before class. After class. I googled the “G” out of Google (gee-whiz, gee-wonder). There was soul searching… could I just take the training to deepen my practice? Would more serious students begrudge me for taking up a spot in training when I had no intention of teaching ever? Was I too old?

Before I signed up for my first major training in 2017 (and then backed out for scheduling reasons), one of my teachers said, “You are here all the time practicing. Eventually, you’ll be a teacher.” I didn’t doubt her positive intention and encouragement. I did, however, doubt the outcome.

Turns out she was right and I was wrong. Those who practice, who show up every day–or most days–are probably more likely to teach. And, even as I daily embrace my student mind, I find myself teaching more and more–not just as a substitute for my friends but as a regularly scheduled instructor.

This week my heart melted a little to see this sign:

Lesson learned: Be careful what you practice!

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