Just Found: Yang Yoga Flying Dragon Sequence by Paul Grilley

flightThis week, I stumbled upon a Paul Grilley flow on youtube that must be known to his followers. It’s called “flying dragon” and it’s a very elegant and powerful sequence that really moves. Here’s a link to the original performance of the sequence with Paul and Suzee Grilley and then the teaching of the flow (Paul teaches, Suzee demonstrates).

During most of the flying dragon sequence, the head is below the heart so it challenges your heart and your lungs. Honestly, it challenges your whole self and is probably a little addictive like the Macarena (I’m actually imagining I’d be addicted if I ever tried it so no Macarena, no crack). Energy-wise, the dragon fired up my brain at 4 am this morning, clear and alert, raring to figure something out. (I fell asleep again at 6…)

Whether or not you feel moved to try flying dragon, or if it’s even meant to happen in your body, it’s beautiful to watch. Enjoy!

PS As background, Paul Grilley is the inventor of Yin Yoga and I know this because one of my teachers, Douglas Johnson has trained extensively with him and is (I believe) the teacher who brought Yin Yoga to Atlanta. In fact, if you want a chilled yin class tonight, I believe Doug is live streaming and posting some donation classes on his website. Check out www.mahapathayoga.com. Yin is not only an amazing stretch, but it’s also a great intro to yoga and accessible to most people. So if you’re feeling a little stressed, this might help. PPS I just learned that Doug normally (non-coronavirus days) teaches this style of yoga–Yang Yoga–at evolation yoga Atlanta on Mondays at 4:45pm.

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