Busy, Beautiful New York City

This photo was taken on June 23, 2013, though I remember nothing about the day. Clearly I was in New York, busy, beautiful city of lights and people and energy.

To all New Yorkers and your current guests: May you be safe. May you receive everything you need. 

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  • Phyllis Ann Bailey Petras

    Dear Sibley I treasure the letter your grandmother sent to me, way back in 1970!!!It was after I had some surgery and the doctors told me to stay in bed, not pick up anything heavy, not even an iron skillet! I wrote to your grandmother, telling her all this, that my house looked like Sherman had come through, followed by cows! I had just thrown one person out of my house who had come to see me and then whined when I did not get up to entertain her. She never came back. GOOD! I then thought of writing to everybody I could think of, to thank them for being my friend in my life. I started with my first grade teacher, who taught me to read and write and to love poetry.I had a new book of stamps and paper and a good pen. I set to it! Ms. Sibley locked onto that quickly! A friend called me to say, “Phyllis, do you know you are in the paper???”I still have the column, very wrinkled and yellow by now. I still give her books as presents. I still love her to bits. Cheers to you, baby girl.

  • Sibley

    Dear Phyllis,

    What a pleasure to hear from you and your connection to my grandmother. That’s a wonderful story that I will treasure. I’d love to see the letter! In my early 20s in the 1990s, I was my grandmother’s assistant and helped with her correspondence with the aide of her patience (she loved me) and White Out:)

    Hope you’re well and safe for the duration! Thank you for writing!

    Warm regards,


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